Startdatum: 16. Oktober 2021
Enddatum: 21. Oktober 2021
Ort: DE Glind - The Netherlands

As you may have heard YMCA De Glind is bankrupt and has left the building. The property will be torn down in probably two years time. However the Rudolf Association is willing to rent out the venue to organizers like me whenever the rooms are not occupied by a school of children. This will be16 – 21 October 2021.

There will a last six day long camp in De Glind just to remember the nice times we have had. This will be without Wee Kee Jin but with Hella Ebel, Roland von Loefen and Epi van de Pol.


Epi van de Pol
Sterrelaan 45
1217PR Hilversum
The Netherlands

Phone: + 31 35 6245962

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